Start the Spring/Summer season off right! Preview from Sail World

The Etchells Atlantic Series will be a five-regatta series, starting with Atlantic Coast Championship at American Yacht Club, followed by the New England Championship at Shelter Island Yacht Club, then two regattas in Newport, the first of which will be the New York Yacht Club’s One Design Regatta, followed by Sail Newport’s One Design Regatta, and the finale as the Long Island Sound Championship at Larchmont Yacht Club. Best 3 of 5 regattas’ results for the Atlantic Series, but participation at the Atlantic Coast Championship is mandatory to qualify!

Schedule of Events:

Date               Host                               Event/Information/Sign-ups

May 19-20       American Yacht Club    Atlantic Coast Championship
June 16-17      Shelter Island Yacht Club   New England Championship
June 30-July 1   New York Yacht Club    One Design Regatta
July 7-8            Sail Newport                 One Design Regatta
July 21-22        Larchmont Yacht Club    Long Island Sound Champs

For more information, contact Ron Thompson, Fleet 1 Captain, ( or Don Jones, Fleet 15 Captain, ( , or Senet Bischoff, Fleet 8 Fleet Captain,