Welcome to sunny Corpus Christi they said…..until we had three days of torrential rain! Good news is that the drought is over; bad news is it delayed the nine top tier teams from practicing. However, today, the skies cleared and the races started without a hitch. Sunshine, breeze, warm temps were the‎ order of the day.

Race 1 was sailed in 8-12 kts, with Jim Cunningham’s team starting at the pin and leading wire to wire. There were numerous changes within the pecking order, with a majority of the boats rounding the marks at the same time.‎ Shannon Bush came second, followed by Mark Watson.

Race 2, sailed in an average of 13 kts, proved to be another great race, won by Jay Cross, followed by Jim Cunningham and Mark Watson. Again, a majority of the fleet was clumped together on the 1.5NM course.

Race 3, ‎run in an average of 15kts, was an absolute dog fight. Huge pile up (with no contact!!) at the first weather mark saw major changes in the pecking order‎. Shannon Bush pulled off the victory, with Jay Cross second and Steve Benjamin third.

In the short, steep chop and breeze, it was all about clean lanes, staying in phase, and speed. Everyone commented how the small fleet managed to stay so compacted over the mile and a half courses. The RC, enjoying classic Corpus Christi weather, set the course at 135 degrees and only lengthened the second and third races.
Three races are scheduled tomorrow. The forecast is for wind in the upper teens to 20 knots. Full sun, no cold weather gear, just warm weather racing!

Pilar Rum provided gifts for all owners.

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